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    Scientific Symposium at the Faculty of Agriculture Entitled "Cultivation of Sugar Cane Crop for the First...

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    Updated   14/09/2017 10:54 AM

    Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abbas Fadel Al-Dulaimi, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nader Falih Ali Al-Mubarak, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, the Department of Field Crops Sciences held a scientific symposium entitled "Cultivation of sugar cane crop for the first time in Diyala province and the future prospects for expansion in its cultivation", On Wednesday, 13/9/2017 at the Graduate Hall in the Department of Gardening and Landscaping. The symposium included a lecture by Prof. Dr. Nader Falih Ali Al-Mubarak, entitled "The most important motives for the expansion of sugar cane cultivation in Iraq, and the main reasons for the large and increasing decline in sugar production with high prices in the global market". The aim of the seminar was to define the reality of Iraq's resources to expand sugar cane cultivation programs. 

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