Vision, Mission, and Objectives

    Vision and Objectives




    College of Agriculture is permanently seeking to acquire material resources, advanced and modern technologies, which qualify them to contribute in supplying the Iraqi society and humanity all the necessary requirements to obtain a sober scientific building, Formulate high university traditions which emphasize promoted the university community, develop and modernize of agricultural methods based on the adoption of the  scientific approach and applied research as a way to raise the economic level of the community, and reflect the correct image of agricultural policy in Iraq.

    The college of agriculture is eager to cultivate the seeds of ambition, perseverance, and creativity in the hearts of its graduates and prepare them to  pass the competition and challenges in any  field of science and production areas alike, believing that the seeking knowledge is the basis to human life.





    1. Prepare  agricultural specialists who are able to manageو develop, and upgrade agricultural projects by relying on modern curricula suited to development in various agricultural disciplines.
    2.  Concentration of efforts to provide great  opportunities in practical training in the implementation and management of field operations  for students  to gain practical experience.
    3.  Perform applied scientific research in agricultural disciplines which aims to solve the problems facing the production process and the development of the means of production used.
    4.  Provide the society with advanced staff in agricultural disciplines through graduate studies at the college in accordance with the actual need of the  specialization and the emergence of new scientific disciplines.
    5. Ensure that the College has the great role in the formulation of agricultural policy in the province particularly and Iraq generally following the scientific approach in taking decisions and planning to create agricultural projects.
    6. Follow the continuous development of the teaching staff policy through participation in training courses, seminars, and conferences inside and outside Iraq to ensure human interaction and keep track with the regional and global development in an agricultural field.
    7. follow up all international colleges of Agriculture in the world to exchange the experiences in the modernization of the curriculum. The use of modern means of education, conduct joint research, and exchange of visiting professors.
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