Dean's Message

    Dean's Message


    Greetings from Dr. Nadir Flayh  Ali Almubarak


    My dear students, our college which has founded in 2004, is truly one of the best schools of agriculture and life sciences in the world. Our students feel at home here and, with the help of excellent faculty mentors, become outstanding leaders on campus and organizations. We are planning to prepare you to be not only leaders in your chosen fields, but also in society. The college includes four departments, and it has more than 85 faculty members and more than 94 employees.  it is also has the Office of Agricultural Consultant, scientific journal.

    I invite you all  to be proud of yourself  that you are a part of Diyala University. Graduates of the University of Diyala now are illuminated symbols in the progress of the nation. They give for their country what they have learned in Diyala University of loyalty to the homeland and the ability to make a better future.

    I tell you with confidence that the Diyala University, now working in an activity plan for the development of programs and Curriculum in a manner commensurate with the scientific needs of different developmental requirements.

    My sons and my daughters,

    I have taken upon me since I took over the honor of the responsibility of the college administration to adopt tough message to the upgrading of the college in all respects, which qualifies it for admission to an advanced position to the best colleges at the level of the University through focusing on creating a family atmosphere among the students, college, professors, and workers in order to work together for the development of the educational process and carry out its mission in scientific research.

    That is why we strive to ensure providing wide opportunities the graduates of the University of Diyala through the opening to the major establishments inside the country and abroad.

    So, let feel the value of our university and our country to learn how we can maintain and upgrade them.

    It's a shared responsibility for all of us that we seek to boosting our university,  each according to his/her position for a better future for our country, Iraq, which leads us all to the good and Reform.

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God.


    Thank you for your continued support.

    Dean of College of Agriculture 


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