Duties and Responsibilities of the Dean

    College’s Dean


    The Dean of the college is a president of the college's council and required to be at least the rank of assistant professor. Deans hold the rank of a director general  and appoint by a presidential decree or ministerial order. The dean is associated with the president of the university as a member of the university's Council. The following matters are related to the Dean's office:

    • Scientific Promotion Office.
    • Heads of departments, Disciplines, and Faculty Members
    • Scientific Committee .
    • Scientific Research Center.
    • Finance, Powers of the exchange, and all matters relating to the college accounts.
    • Abroad College Relationships (Cultural and Scientific Relationships).
    • Deputations.
    • Incoming and Outgoing mails from Diyala University, its departments, and other departments.


    A. Scientifically

    1. Implement University Council Decisions regarding to the college.

    2. Manage  the scientific, administrative, educational, cultural, and financial departments in the college.

    3. Follow up the initial and graduate studies at the college.

    4. Leading the college's council and the scientific bodies, raising its records to the president of the university for authentication.

    5. Prepare quarterly scientific reports and annual college activities.

    6. Approve the recommendations of the District Councils and branches.

    7. Supervise the scientific and administrative activities in scientific departments and consultation office.

    8. Responsible on commissioning of academic departments’ heads and dean's assistants.

    9. Apply all the instructions and regulations issued on the organization of scientific affairs, educational, and decisions issued by the College Council.

    10. Invite the college's council to convene in special sessions.

    11. Format the main Committees in college and issuing its own administrative orders.

    12. Format the committees for exams and the committees of printing the exam questions.

    13. Evaluate the performance of faculty members in consultation with the head of the department or branch.

    14. Represent the college in meetings and seminars.


    B. Administratively:

    1. Responsible of upgrading faculty members, staff, technicians, administrators and the granting of annual bonuses on them in accordance with the provisions of the laws and adopted decisions.
    2. Sign the contracts of teaching staffs, experts,  Arab and foreigner technicians, follow up their employment status as well as the termination of their services in accordance with the contracts, decisions, instruction, and  conditions.


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