The powers of the College Council

    The powers of the College Council


    (A) Scientific Powers:

    1. Draw the college's policy in the line with the general policy of the University and achieve its mission.

    2. Prepare the plans of the acceptance of the initial studies in college departments.

    3. Prepare the plan of scientific research of the sections of the faculty.

    4. Promote the use of the scientific sections, branches, merged, or canceled.

    5. Recommending on the development of graduate studies at the college.

    6. Follow-up the scientific departments on invitation plans visiting professors for conferences, seminars inside and outside the country, and work to get the approval from the university president.

    7. Define the title of the thesis for Graduate Studies and approve the nomination of the supervisors of the graduate and the designation of the members of the committee of students' discussion.

    8. Naming committee members comprehensive exam for PHD students.

    9. Reconsider Curricula of graduate studies and preliminary periodically and distributed on school grades.

    10. Approve the results of graduate studies and preliminary examinations after the adjournment by the scientific sections and branches in college.

    11. Approve the final exams schedules after the adjournment of the scientific sections and branches.

    12. Approve the scientific upgrade to a faculty member (teacher and Assistant Professor) and submit them to the university to issue a university matter.

    13. Recommend to the university president to agree to upgrade faculty members to the rank of professor   after the completion of procedures by the Committee for Scientific Promotion in college.

    14. Agree on postpone the school year for college's students after providing convincing justifications of the required documents.

    15. To approve the first extension to graduate students (6 months) and through getting the agreement from the council  of the department.

    16. recommend to get an acceptance from the university president to approve the second and third extensions to graduate students based on a proposal from the council of the department or scientific branch in college.

    17. Hold scientific and cultural agreements with the corresponding colleges inside and outside the country and submit them to the university for approval.


    (B) Administrative powers:

    1. Overseeing the affairs of the college and attention to its various aspects of scientific, cultural, educational and sports activities.

    2. Prepare the college's staffs before the end of the next school year in light of what the Dean and  departments' Councils provide .

    3. Revisit the titles of technicians and administrators within the College's staffs.

    4. Revisit the staffs in the college periodically.

    5. Format some special committees to help in performing scientific, educational, and administrative tasks.

    6. Impose disciplinary sanctions on students.

    7. Work to punish faculty and staff in one of official penalties for violating laws and regulations.

    8. Work to Repeal the sanctions imposed on faculty and staff after exhausting its purposes.

    9. Cancel the penalties for faculty and staff after the demise of the justifications for the conviction.

    10. Refer any of the employees of the college to the competent courts as a result of violating the law.


    C. Financial powers:

    1. Propose the annual budget plan the import plan, the investment plan of the college and submit them to the university For consolidated with other colleges and institutes plans and submit them to the University Council for approval.

    2. Recommend the University  to approve the final accounts of the College.

    3. Review the report of the Special Financial Supervision, discuss and express an opinion in the notes contained therein.


    Faculty Council meets twice a month at the invitation Dean (Council President) . Through the presence of a majority of members, decisions are made, suggestions, and recommendations by majority vote of those present when their votes are equal with who voted with the Dean.



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