Agricultural Consultation Office Activities

    Agricultural Consultation Office Activities


    - Contracting with companies and agricultural projects in the public and private sectors to oversee the implementation of productive agricultural operations, and provide scientific consulting for agricultural production in the area of protected agriculture.

    - Establishing the Scientific and training courses to develop the capabilities and skills in all disciplines.

    - Contracting to perform all agricultural operations including the conduct of orchards, agricultural fields, implementation of sprinkler irrigation, etc.

    - Contracting to carry out landscaping, gardens engineering, production of vegetables and ornamental seedlings.

    - Conduct scientific researches to agricultural production methods.

    - Supervise the poultry halls, stations cows, fish breeding ponds, and the rest of the livestock projects.

    - Increase the numbers of plants based on the plant tissue culture techniques.

    - Analyzing the chemical feed, water, and soil.

    - Providing scientific consulting in the field of Fish breeding .

    - Providing scientific consulting in the field of  Food and dairy industries. 


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