Teaching Staffs of Soil and Water Sciences

    Teaching Staffs of Soil and Water Sciences Department


    No. Name Job Title
    1 Dhiyaah Abed Mohammed Mudhlag Professor
    2 Faris Mohammed Sehil Professor
    3 Aoroba Abdullah Ahmed Assistant Professor
    4 Hussein Azez Mohammed Assistant Professor
    5 Sadoon Faraj Khatter Assistant Professor
    6 Mohammed Ali Abood Assistant Professor
    7 Raed Abd Alkareem Hamdan Assistant Professor
    8 Ahmed Fahad Rasheed Lecturer
    9 Basim Raheem Bader Lecturer
    10 Hassan Hady Mustafa Lecturer
    11 Adnan Aswad Jasim Lecturer
    12 Loay Dawood Farhan Lecturer
    13 Ammer Khalid Ahmed Lecturer
    14 Hussein Ali madny Lecturer
    15 Aswad Hmood Aswad Lecturer
    16 Alaa Hassan Fahmy Assistant Lecturer
    17 Adel Khadum Jasim Assistant Lecturer
    18 Ammar Abd Alwahab Dawood Assistant Lecturer
    19 Abbas Fadhel Ali Lecturer
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