Second Part - 2013

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    Abstracts Of Research Of The Second Part - 2013



    No. Research Title Abstract

    Bioremediation Of Pesticide Residues By Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    2 Co-Cultivation Of Cell Suspension-Derived From Cotyledon Node Of  Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L. With Ri Plasmids Under Electrical Shock And Isolation Of    Diosgenin From Genitically Modified Callus PDF
    3 Cotton Varieties Response To Variable Plant Densities PDF

    Study Of Dress Percentage And Relative Weights Of Carcass Parts In Various Ages Of Japanese Quail  In Iraq

    5 Effect Of Adding Betaine To Improving The Productive Performance Of Commercial Layer Hens At High Temperature Conditions In Iraq PDF
    6 Effect Of Adding Saccharomyces Cerevisiae As Prebiotic To Japanese Quail Diet On Production Performance And Some Blood Parameters PDF
    7 Effect Of Adding Two Levels Of Iraqi Soluble Probiotic On Performance And Egg Quilty Of Japanes Quail PDF
    8 Effect Of Growth, Yield, Forage Of Oat (Avena Sativa L.) Varieties PDF
    9 Effect Of Mulching By Organic Wastes ،Depth Of Plnting And Seed Size On Seedling Emergence And Growth Of Broad Bean In Salinity Soil PDF
    10 Effect Of Rganic Fertilizer In The Growth And Yield Of Green Onion   ( Allium Cepa L. ) Cv. White Local PDF
    11 Effect Of Rganic Fertilizer In The Growth And Yield Of Green Onion   ( Allium Cepa L. ) Cv. White Local PDF
    12 Effect Of Using Heat Treatment Soybean In Ration On Production Performance Of Broilers PDF
    13 Effects Of Parents Sex ، Birth Type، And Age On Livability Of Turkish Awassi Sheep Lambs PDF
    14 Evaluation Of Productive Performance Of Japanese Quail In Summer Of Iraq PDF
    15 Isolation And Characterization Of Fungi And Mycotoxins (Deoxynivalenol And Zaralenone) In Fish Feed From Baghdad City Full Text
    16 Measurement Efficiency Of Producing And Marketing  For The Peanut Crop In Diyala Province PDF
    17 Molecular Characterization Of Rhizoctonia Solani Isolated From Pepper Plants In Iraq By Using Pcr Full Text
    18 Response Of Seeds Of Two Cotton Varieties Gossypium Hirsutum L. To Germinate With Magnetized Water PDF

    Serological Study By Using The Elisa Technique To Identification Of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Disease Among Some Fields Of Broiler Chickens In Diyala            Province.

    Full Text

    Study Of Dress Percentage And Relative Weights Of Carcass Parts In Various Ages Of Japanese Quail In Iraq.


    Study Of Consuming Ability Of Extracted Pectin From Some Fruits Peels By Local Isolate Aspergillus Sp

    22 Study On Physical, Chemechal And Enzymatic Characteristics Of Date Palm Fruits ( Phoenix  Dactylifera  L. Cv . Hilalli ) During Development PDF
    23 The Effect Of Adding Anhydrous Acetic Acid To Prepare Whey Protein Concentrates To Improve Its Functional Properties Full Text
    24 The Effect Of Pre-Storag Incubation Storage On Chick Quality Of Broiler Breeder ( Ross 308 ) PDF
    25 The Effect Spraying Nutrition Solution On Total Yield Of Two Cucumber Hybrid ( Cucmis Sativus L. ). PDF
    26 The Impact Of Gypsiferous And Calcareous Soils On Decomposition Of Different Organic Materials PDF
    27 Using Of Dried Betony And Peppermint In Broiler Diets On Performance, Hematological And Immunity Response PDF



    No. Research Title Abstract

    Economics  Analysis Of The Most Important Influencing Investment Allocations For Agricultural Reclamation In Iraq For The Period (1990- 2010).


    Effcts Of Additives,  Methods And Number Of Application On  Activity Of Glyphosate Controling

    For Dichanthium Annulatum (Forsk) Stapf. Growth  In Sugarcan Fields.
    3 Effect Different Concentration ( Fe Eddha ) Chelated In Growth Three Cultivar Faba Bean   (Vicia Faba L.) PDF

    Effect Interaction Between Inoculation Fungus Trichoderma Harzianum And Vegetation Fertilization Algae Chara Sp And Chemical In Plant Growth Onion (Allium Cepa L.).


    Effect Of Irrigation  Water  Salinity , Magnetic  And  Soaking  By The Ascorbic Acid And Seaweed (Oligo-X)   On Germination And Seedling Growth   Of Hybreds Cucumber ( Dalia) In Protected Environment.

    6 Effect Of Potassium Fertilizer, Organic Matter And Deficit Irrigation On Cotton PDF
    7 Effect Of Some Plant Extrct, Calicum Chloride And Storage Method In Qualities And Marketing Of The Apricot Fruits, 3zagainaa (2) Physical Characteristics PDF
    8 Effect Of Spraying Gibberellic Acid And Nitrogen On Two Types Of Potatoes Var. Alaska PDF
    9 Effect Of Spraying Iron And Zinc On Some Vegetative Properties And Yield Of Wheat Buhooth -7 PDF

    Effect Of Chemical Fertilizers Levels  (Npk) On The Growthand Flowering Of Two Variety Of Tulip ( Tulipa Gesneriana).

    11 Effect Of Irrigation Water Quality And Moisture Levels On Potassium Supply Power At Under Covered Agriculture Conditions PDF
    12 Efficiency Of Inoculation With Introduce  Strains Of Strains Of Bradyrhizobium Japonicum    And Trichoderma Harzianum  On Soybea  Growth PDF
    13 Identification And Purification Of Tomato Mosaic Virus (Tomv) And Antiserum  Prapared  By Using  Immunized Chicken  Eggs PDF
    14 Impact Of Irrigation Intervals To Water Use Efficiency In Some Cotton Varieties And Their Hybrids PDF
    15 Some  Factors  Of  Inter  Working  Environmental  And  Its Relaytionships  With   Level  Of  Performance In Agriculural  Cooperation  In  Section  Of  Slahldeen Agricultural Demonstration PDF
    16 Study Growth  Salinity Tolerant Bacteria And Its Capability In Free Nitrogen Fixation In Salinty Mediums PDF
    17 Study Of Some Fruits Characters Of Lemon Citrus Limon Varieties And Some Relationshipe Hybrid Cultivated In Iraq PDF
    18 The Effect Of Spraying By Some Organic Nutrients And Growing Up Manner On The   Characteristics And Components Of Growth And Harvest Of Three Hybrids Of Cucumber Under Protected Cultivation Conditions PDF
    19 Training Needs Of Irrigated Wheat Growers In The District Of Baiji _ Governorate Of Salah Alddin And Its Relation With Some Variables -2 PDF
    20 Using Some Entomopathogenic Fungi To Control The Red Rust Beetle Tribolium Castaneum  (Hbst.) (Coleoptera : Tenebrionidae) PDF



    No. Research Title Abstract
    1 Contribution Of Agricultural Personnel In Agricultural Extension Business In The Province Of Nineveh And Its Relationship With Some Factors PDF
    2 Earliness In Many Genotypes Of Cotton PDF
    3 Efeect Of Water Quality And Soil Texture On Some Physical And Biological Properties PDF
    4 Effect Of Bulb Size And Chemical Fertilization On Growth, Flowering And Bulbs Production Of Iris Hollandica PDF
    5 Effect Of Concentration And Source Of Sunflower Extract On Germination And Seedling Growth Of Some Bread And Dsurum Wheat PDF

    Effect Of Crued Extracts For Cinnamum (Cinnamum Zeylaicum), Syzygium (Syzygium Aromaticum) And Thymus (Thymus Vulgaris) On Growth Of Aspergillus Flavus Which Produce Aflatoxin B1

    7 Effect Of High Level Of Protein Intake On The Reproductive Performance Of Awassi Ewes PDF

    Effect Of Nitrogen And Iron At Tow Levels Of Field Capasity On The Growth And Yield Of Linseed (Linum Usitatissimuml)

    9 Effect Of Saline Irrigation Water And Tea Residue On Some Properties Of Sandy Loam Soil And Growth Of Corn (Zea Mays , L). PDF
    10 Effect Of The Magnetic Water On Rumen Kinetic In Awassi Rams PDF
    11 Effect Of Aqueous And Ethanol Extracts Of Melia Azedarach L. And Peganumharmala L.On Ants Worker Aphaenogaster Muschtidica Emery(  Hymenoptera : Formicidae) Mortility PDF

    Effects Of Different Levels Of Biofertilizer  Trichoderma Harzianum In Some Thermodynamic Parameters  Of Potassium.

    13 Effects Of Drought Or Removed Of Vegetative Growth Stopping Irrigation And Curing On  3:-  Some Storability  Characterstics Of Potato Tubers Solanum Tuberosum L. PDF
    14 Efficincy Of Serin And Nomolt And Combination With Oils Against Aonidiella Orientalis (Newst.) And Phyllocnistis Citrella (Stainton). PDF

    Effect Of Two Chicks Weight On Some Characteristics Carcass Of Cobb 700 Broiler At Age 42 Days 1- Some Carcass Characteristics And Its Lengths.

    16 Identification And Molecular Studies On Cucumber  Mosaic Virus In Iraq PDF
    17 Production And Purification Of Extra Cellular Lipase From Pseudomonas Cepacia And Study The Partialcharacterization PDF
    18 Response Of Growth Characterstics And Yield  Of Potato Fertilized With Organic Matter To The Spray Of  Fe And Zn PDF
    19 Response Of Pea Cultivars To Spraying With Seaweed Extracts PDF
    20 Response Of Two Varieties Of Sun Flowers Cultivated In Two Desert Soil To Fertilization With Zinc PDF

    Rubus Sanctus L .  Extract On The Growth  And Yield Of  Cow Pea


    Study  Of  Some   Physical   And   Hydraulic   Properties  Of  Soil  Under  Different  Powing  Systems In  Arid  Agriculture.

    23 The Effect Of Iron, Nitrogen And Irrigation On Yield Of Flax (Linum Usitatissimum L. ) PDF
    24 The Role Of Foliar Application Of Manganes And Boron On Water Stress For Maize ( Zea Mays L.). Quantity And Quality Characteristic For Plant 2. PDF


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