Researches of Teaching Staff In Different Journals Part2

    Researches of Teaching Staff In Different Journals

    Part 2


    No. Research Title Abstract

    Study Of Some Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of  Tigris River And Its Impact On Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio L.) Embryos


    Estimate levels of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Green and GoldenMullet Fishes (Liza subviridis, L. klunzingeri) at Shatt Al-Basrah Canal


    Bio-Diversity Of Mollusca In Four Follow Ecosystem Southern Of Iraq


    Determine The efficiency of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in bioremediation of some heavy metals

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    Effect Of Sublethal Concentrations Of Cadmium On Some Physiological Alterations In Liza Abu Fish

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    6 Evaluation of Water Quality by Applying Potable Water Supply Index (PWSI) and Geographical Information System (GIS) in Himreen Dam Lake, Iraq Full Text

    Effect Of Grinding Fineness And Meal Moisture In Some Properties For Fish Feeding Pellet


    Effect Of Multiple Pressure Of Meal And Manufacture Holes On Fish Pellet Feed Quality And Production


    Effect Of Some Manufacturing Conditions On Fish Pellet Quality


    Comparison Between Manual And Mechanical Mixing Of Feed Samples

    11 Effect of AM fungi Inoculation in Antioxidant Enzymes Activity in Corn and Sunflower plants under Salinity Condition PDF

    Effect Of Mycorrhizal Fungi Inoculation And Seaweedextract Spray On Some Growth Characters And Yield Of Cucumber Cucumis Sativus L.


    Effect Of Organic Fertilizer And EM1bio- Fertilizer In Leaves Content Of Date Palm  Offshoots Varieties Al- Berhi  And Khallas Of Some Mineral Elements.


    Response of Azospirillum BrasilenseBacteria to the Types and Concentrations of Different Salts

    15 The Effect Of  Bio And Chemical Fertilizers On Growth And Grain Yield Of Wheat Plants ( Triticum Aestevium )With And Pesticide Application PDF
    16 Effect  Of Adding  Black Bean Seeds Powder (Nagella Sativa) And Anise Seeds Powder (Pimpinella Anisum) To  Laying Hens Diet ( Lohmann Brown ) In Productive Performance  And Some Blood Biochemical Traits PDF

    Effect  Of Addition  Different Levels Of Ginger Oil In The Diet On Some Productivity Traits And Quality Of Quail Eggs


    Effect Of Adding Different Levels Of Wormwood Plant To The Diet In    Productive Performance And Some Qualitative Characteristics Of Quail Eggs

    19 Effect Of Using Turmeric Plant  Powder (Curcuma Longa) In The Diet On  Productive Performance And Some Physiological Traits Of Broiler PDF

    Phytoremediation Of Saline Soils Using Some Salt Tolerant Crops*


    Effect Of Using Difrent Levels Of Fenugreek Seeds On Some Phsiological Characters In Blood Serum To The Ewes Awase Domestic

    22 Effect Of Manthly Variation In Testis And Epididymis Of Awassi Rams PDF
    23 Seasonal Effect In Ovarian Measurements  For Local Black Does PDF
    24 Effect of Adding Of Vitamin B12 To Tris Extender And Cooling Period On The Sperms Viablilty For Awassi Rams  PDF

    Effect Of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Powder Supplemental On Some Hematology And Biochemical Parameters In Awassi Local Ewes


    Quality Effect Of Organic Fertilizers On Some Soil Properties, Growth And Yield Of Garlic (Allium Sativum L)

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    27 Effect Of Using Organic Acids (Lactic Acid And Acetic Acids) On The Egg Quality Traits And Intestinal Flora Of Layer Hens PDF

    The Effect Of Different Levels Of Soluble Probiotic And Synbiotic In Some Of Chemical Composition Of The Egg From Lohmann Brown Layer Hens

    29 Effect of adding organic acids (Lactic acid and Acetic acids) to the Died in prod  performance of laying hens PDF
    30 Effect of Different Sources and levels of Chromium Supplementation to Awassi Lambs Rations on Carcass Quantity and Quality Characteristics PDF

    Effect of Different Chromium Picolinate Levels as Feed Additives on Quail Meat Characteristics

    32 Effect of Testosterone EnanthateInjection on Some Carcass Traits andChemical Characteristics of Castrated KaradiLambs Meat PDF

    Effect Of Using Different Levels Of Mushroom Cultivation Spent In Awassi Lambs Rations On Some Productive Traits

    34 Effect Of Planting Dates, Bulb Sizes And Shading Level on The Growth And Flowering Of  Iris hollandica PDF
    35 Enhanced Adventitious Budding and Rooting of Shoot Proliferation and Acclimatization of marianna plum in vitro PDF
    36 The Impact Of Different Growth Duration Of Eichhornia crassipes (Mart)Solms On Biomass And Productivity In Northern Iraq. PDF
    37 Effect Different Methods Of Application And Doses Of Glyphosate On Control Imperata Cylindrica L. Grown In New Pome Great Orchard PDF
    38 Effect Of Methods And Rate Of Glyphosate Application On Control Of Dichanthium Annulatum (Forks) Stapf In Orchard Of Oil Palms PDF
    39 Effect Additive Of Some Pesticides On Three Wheat Variety And Associated Weeds Under Irrigation Land In Diyala PDF
    40 Effect of the extract of sink ash of phragmites communis and Impereta cylindrica alone or with gas oil in efficacy of glyphosate. PDF
    41 Effect Of Location And Early Date Planting On Yield And Its Components Of Cotton (Gossypium Hirsitum L.) Lashata Variety PDF
    42 Infleuence Of Different Plant Tall And Growth Of Water Hyacinth On Water Consumptive In Northern Iraq PDF
    43 Effect Different Seasonal Growth Of Eichhorinia Crassipes (Mart) Solms On Horizontal Shoot Cover And Dispersal In Northern Iraq PDF
    44 Study Efficacity Use Equipment Wipe Scrimping On Control Of Dichanthuim Annulatum (Forks) Stapf PDF
    45 Effect Of Tillage And Seed Rates In Growth And Yield Of WheatTriticum Astivium L. And Associated Weed In Regions Different Rains PDF
    46 EffOf Methods And FrequencyOf Application By Using Different Doses Of Glyphosate And 2,4-D Herbicides In Controlling Water Hycinth Eichhorina Grassipes (Mart) SolmsAnd Reducing ContaminationIn Water  PDF
    47 Effect Of Time Of Clipping And Frequency Of Control Eichhorina Grassipes (Mart) Solms PDF

    Response Of Clementine Mandarin Seeds For Germination And Callus Initiation And Alkaloids, Hormones Production In Vitro


    Initiation And Anatomical  Development For Adventitious Roots Of Peach Rootstock Baydawi  Prunus Persica L. Batsch  In Tissue Culture


    Effect Of Some Plant Growth Regulatores And Magnetic Flux Density On Callus Initiationand Growth And Hormon, Oils Contain Of Black Cumin Plant




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