First Part- 2014

    College Of Agriculture Diyala Journal Of Agricultural Sciences

    Abstracts Of Research Of The First Part - 2014


    No. Research Title Abstract
    1 An Economic Study For  Estimation Of Cost Functions And Economies Of Scale For  Honey Production  Diyala Province PDF

    An Economic Study Of Estimating Cost Function Dates Production In Wadi Al-Ajal , Southwestern Libya .

    3 Diagnostic Of Wireworm That Attak Potato Tubers By Using Pcr PDF

    Diallel Analysis Using Hayman Method To Study Genetic Architecture Of Yield And It's Component In Peas (Pisum Sativum L.) 

    5 Effect Of Acetic Acid Added To Drinking Water Of Two Broiler Strains On Performance And Small Intestine Histological PDF

    Effect Methods Of Application And Different Doses Of Glyphosate In Control Bermuda Grass Cynodon Dactylon L.  Growth In Pome Orchard

    7 Effect Of Alternate Partial Furrow Irrigation And Organic Matter On Applid Water Depth And Yield Of Sunflower PDF
    8 Effect Of Feeding Some  Medicinal Plants In The Ration On Productive Of Dairy And Some Blood Parameters Of Awassi Ewes PDF

    Effect Of Foliar Spray Of Ascorbic Acid On Vegetative Growth Of Apricot Transplants Cv. "Labeeb".

    10 Effect Of Magnetic Water And Depth Of Drip Irrigation Water And Yield Of Cucumber In Green Houses PDF
    11 Effect Of Potassium Fertilizer, Deficit Irrigation And Organic Matter On Cotton Tolerance To Drought PDF
    12 Effect Of Spraying Alga 600 On The Growth And Yield Of Two Varieties Of The Radish  Raphanus  Sativus L PDF
    13 Effect Of The Irrigation Water Salt And Magnatic And Spray By Some Of The Materials That Resistans Of The Environment Stress In Grouth And Yield Of  Cucumis  Cucumis Sativus L. In Protected Environment PDF
    14 Effect Of The Magnetic Water On Semen Characteristics  Awassi Rams PDF

    Effect Of Tillage System And Mulching On Growth And Yield Components Of Two Rapeseed Cultivars (Brassica Napus L.) Under Dry Land Farming


    Genetic Variability And To Determine Some Genetic Parameters For Yield And Its Components In Peas (Pisum Sativum L.)

    17 Mechanism Of Genetic Control Of Some Quantitative Traits In Faba Bean PDF
    18 Response Yucca  Plant  To Addition Of Some Organic Fertilizers PDF
    19 Spatial Variability Of Some Soil Physical And Chemical Properties For Alluvial Soils Between Euphrates And Tigris Using Time Series Analysis PDF

    Study The Effect Of The Type Of Packaging And Treatment Sodium  Hypochloride And Licorice Extract In Percentages Of Weight Loss And Total Damage In Class  Onion  Taxas Early Grano.


    Study The Possibility Killing Of Escherichia Coli After Irradiation By Diode With Two Power (3,7)W Laser

    22 The Effect Of Interaction Between Mycorrhiza And Aspergillus Niger In Supporting Phosphorous Rock Phosphate In Wheat Plant (Triticum Aestivum L.) In Calicerous Soil PDF
    23 The Effect Of Supplemental Irrigation And Foliar Application Of Potassium And Boron On Growth And Yield For Faba Bean (Vicia Faba, L.) PDF
    24 The Effect Of Using Pomegranate Peel Extract On The Quality And Chemical Characteristics For Minced Frozen Spent Chicken Meat PDF
    25 Study The Analgesic And Sedative Effect Of Ocimum Basilicum Alcoholic Extract In Male Rats Full Text


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