Second Part - 2014

    College Of Agriculture Diyala Journal Of Agricultural Sciences

    Abstracts Of Research Of The Second Part - 2014


    No. Research Title Abstract

    Biological Control Of Some Pathogenic Fungi Contaminated Irrigation Water In The Fields Of The Faculty Of Agriculture.


    Comparative Study About Chemical Compositione For Normal And Cystic Ovarian Follicullar Fluid Of  Local Iraqi Cattle’s In Kirkuk During Years Season.


    Effect Of Arginine Acid And Calcium Nitrate On Storability Of Tomato Fruits (Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill.) C.V Kanze                 


    Effect Of Bread Flour Fortification With Zinc On The Rheological Properties And Bread Making  Characteristics.


    Effect Of Feeding Some  Medicinal Plants In The Ration On Productive Of Dairy And Some Blood Parameters Of Awassi Ewes.

    6 Effect Of Inocuation Trichoderma Spp And Organic Fertilizer Humic Acid And Seaweed Extract Application On Citrus Root Stock Growth PDF
    7 Effect Of Pattern Of Agriculture And Am Fungi And Organic Matter In Growth Of Sorghum And Millet At Different Salinity Levels PDF

    Effect Of Pollination Date And Pollens Source On Fruit And  Crop Quantity Of Date  Palm Set (Phoenix Dactylifera.L) C.V Ashrassi In Tow S.


    Effect Of Salinity Of Irrigation Water And Spraying Amino Acids ( Proline , Arginine ) In The Growth And Holds Potato Solanum. Tuberosum L.

    10 Effect Of Some Amino Acids On Biofilm For Staphylococcus Aureus PDF

    Effect Of Using Rations Different In Nitrogen Sources On Growth And Blood Parameters For Growing Local Sharabi Calf Under Environmentcondition Of Nineveh Province


    Effect Of Using Some Spices To Control The Adults Of Red Flour Beetle Tribolium Castaneum (Herbest) (Coleoptera:Tenebrioidae).


    Effect Of Vitamin B1 And Water Salinity On Seed Germination And Plant Growth Of Sweat  Pea Lathyrus Odoratus L. At  Basrah Governorate.


    Estimation Of Heterosis And Combining Ability For Some Maize Traits Using The Diallel Crossing Method

    15 Estimation Of Optimum Size For Millet Production In Baghdad Province PDF
    16   Hisological Change Caused By The  Mollucicide ,Methiocarb, On Earthworms Lumbricus Terrestris PDF
    17 Manufacturing Of Fermented Milk Products By Using  Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Gg PDF
    18 Palynological Study Genera Taxa Family Zygophyllaceae In Iraq PDF
    19 Study Of Relationships Of The Transferrin Type To  Resistance Against  Mareks Disease In Native Chicken PDF
    20 Study The Seasonl Presenes Of Mediterranean Fly Ceratitis Capitata (Wied) And Assesscertain Typeas Of Traps And Height In The Pomegranatum Orchards PDF
    21 The Ability Of Sorghum And Millet In Accumulation Of Salts Planted Hydroponically At Different Saline Stresses PDF

    The Effect Of Plant Volatile Oils On Infection Of Lemon Fruit By Green Mold(Penicilliumdigitatum)

    23 The Effect Of Spraying By Some Organic Nutrients And Growing Up Manner On The   Characteristics And Compoonents Of Harvest Of Three Hybrids Of Cucumber Under Protected Cultivation Conditions PDF
    24 The Interactive Effect Of   Organic Fertilizer And Water Stress On Some Growth Properties And Yield Of Potato Plants.( Solanum Tuberosum . L) PDF
    25 Tomato  Prudictivity  Under  Integrated Activation  System. 2 . Effect  Of Phosphate  , Organic Fertilization  And Biofertilizer On Quality Specifications For Tomato Fruit And Phosphat Concentration In Leaves  PDF
    26 Tomato  Prudictivity  Under  Integrated Activation  System. 1 . Effect  Of Phosphate  And Organic Fertilization And Biofertilizer On Yield And Indicators For Tomato Fruits PDF
    27 Effects Of Feeding Different Levels Of Flaxseed On Performance Traits And Blood Parameters In Broiler Full Text
    28 Study The Analgesic And Sedative Effect Of Ocimum Basilicum Alcoholic Extract In Male Rats Full Text


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