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    College of Agriculture


    The founding of the College of Agriculture at the University of Diyala was an urgent need for Diyala province because of its great potential in the agricultural sector and its fertile and wide lands. It was created in 2004, and it consists of four departments: Gardening and Landscaping, Field Crops Science, Soil and Water Sciences , and Animal Resource Department.

    The college receives more than 180 students annually, and the total number of its staff employed is 179 , at Feb 2017. Currently, the college has 962 undergraduate students  spread over these four departments and 71 graduate students. Each department includes a selection of specialist professors in various agricultural specialties,  and it contains a sophisticated scientific laboratories to assist students in completing their research and their graduation projects.


    Total students (2016-2017)


    Undergraduates make up 93% of the total student body, graduate students 7%.


    Undergraduates 962
    Graduates 71


    Undergraduates by subject


    Department Name Students Number
    Gardening and Landscaping 235
    Field Crops Science 206
    Animal Resource Department 245
    Soil and Water Sciences 183
    Others 93


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